At this time of live information and multiplicity of media, the old patterns of communication have become obsolete. It is up to CEOs to reinvent their overall communications strategy, which requires redefinition of teams, tools and actions.
The Guide of Influence has been created in order to meet this challenge. Thanks to the comprehensive mapping of media relays (the “HUB”) and to the method of communication that results (“the HUB management”), this book provides an optimum real-time information method.

Whether you are a company, group, association, local authority or a political figure, this book has been designed for you.

Your real time information method !

The Guide of influence is a method of managing the real-time information for decision makers and integrating traditional media with new media.

Mapping of the influential media
This method is based on the concept of a « hub, » conceived here as the hub of influence. Applied to the sphere of media and communication, the « hub » is a mapping of media relays that make up influence around a brand. This mapping enables you to view how the information is likely to spread in the media sphere, where is it taken, and how fast it goes. Indeed, the notion of temporality is crucial in the era of information called « Live, » especially since the advent of Web and mobile. For this reason, the hub takes into account all types of media, whether traditional or new: press, blogs, social networks, radio, television, SMS, and also the ground, in the context of global and integrated communication.

A structured method
The hub management is the operational approach designed from the theoretical analysis of the hub. Specifically, it envisions communication towards the ground, the press, and the Web, in both an integrated approach and also a logical influence over the long term, unlike the ephemeral operations of « buzz. » The hub then combines management strategy which incorporates advertising, media buying, and influence techniques that work on tools for disseminating messages, dialogue with consumers, and online reputation.

A comprehensive approach
The Guide of influence is not limited to technical advice or optimizing communication on social networks. This is a real method based on how human beings act on the fundamental aspects of communication. Indeed, human beings are at the core of hub management: through our interactions messages are sent, relayed, and received, and at each stage potentially distorted. Therefore, much attention is paid to both the relational aspect of all communication, the necessary adjustment of internal teams and the necessary development of professions. Freedom is then given to implement the method, to utilize some or all elements, and to adapt the approach to specific problems. Finally, this book allows you to better understand the new challenges of communication and provide the right answers to address profound change.

8 good reasons to read the book

:: Communicate better and at a lower cost
:: Understand the new mechanisms of influence
:: Master the Challenges of Communication at 360 degrees
:: Develop a structured method of communication and influence (the HUB Management)
:: Learn to anticipate the spread of information
:: Adapt your company and your teams to a new reality
:: Learn how to assess your communication
:: Understand the art of the “suitable” reaction


Vincent Ducrey is an expert in information management, specializing in the study of real time information spread. Vincent expertise stems from his ten year career in all areas of marketing and communications: entrepreneurship, strategy consultanting, manager communities, and finally new media adviser at the French Government.
Throughout his career, Vincent has collected a large number of observations and insights into the mechanisms of influence and new information channels, that he formulated into a method he calls The Hub management. Hub theorizes all its research on global influence, including all types of media. It also models the power of relationships and their impact on the ability to respond in the media sphere. From this simple and unique formula, Vincent identified actions, tools, and profiles to optimize real time communication.
Vincent spent several months enriching the approach by experience and by the exchange of ideas with third parties. By experiencing the system and practicing it everyday in both the private and the public sphere, he has adapted it to the largest number of industries and situations. By exchanging ideas with other parties, he has adjusted, refined, and validated the approach.
This book is the result of this methodology that Vincent wishes to share. The Guide of influence is the first book on real time information management. In addition to being an author, Vincent is a regular speaker at conventions and international symposiums in Europe, Africa and the United States.


Chapter 1. The “HUB”

I. Theory of new influence
The evolution of information
Influence, e-influence and global influence
II. The ecosystem of information
The hub, a cone of influence
Definition of « Mesh in » and « Mesh-out”
Definition of critical size
III. Structure of The HUB
Identify your influential media sources
The 16 components of the hub
Focus on the concept of temporality in the Hub
Focus on the generational aspect of the HUB
Conclusion: what does the future hold for the HUB ?

Chapter 2. The HUB Management

I. The HUB Management method
Identify your overall strategy
Plan your general tactics
101 concrete actions to be influential
Conclude by assessment
II. Men in HUB Management
Internal relays: your team
External relays : business contacts
Receivers: your target population
The 101 tools of HUB management

Chapter 3. Six case studies

How to be present in the HUB
Case #1 – Start a consumer brand
Case #2 – Push a communication message
How to be influential
Case #3 – Capitalize around an event
How to mobilize around your brand
Case #4 – Soliciting community support
How to deal with a negative message
Case #5 – Taking over the lead after an attack
How to last through the hub
Case #6 – Restart the communication about a product

Chapter 4. Ask the experts

Experts on the broadcasting of the message
Experts on working with the media
Experts on the mobilization of the message
Experts on the message’s impact in the field

Glossary : the 101 words of the influence

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